Controversial film-maker Michael Moore's new documentary FAHRENHEIT 9/11 was given an unprecedented 15-minute standing ovation at the CANNES FILM FESTIVAL yesterday (17MAY04).

The film - which is vying for the PALM D'OR at the glitzy French event - looks at the links between President George W Bush and the BIN LADEN family, as well as the mistreatment of Iraqi prisoners of war by American servicemen.

Amid the controversy stirred up by Disney's decision not to distribute the film, the audience - which included Kill Bill beauty DARRYL HANNAH and rocker MICK JAGGER - demonstrated their approval by hollering 'Bravo' and clapping the piece for over 15 minutes.

Miramax boss HARVEY WEINSTEIN - who is vying to buy the film from DISNEY and distribute it via another company - enthuses, "It was the longest standing ovation I've seen in over 25 years."

19/05/2004 00:06