FAHRENHEIT 9/11 movie maker Michael Moore has found a way to boost the amount of celebrities running for office and he wants Tom Hanks to run for President.

The controversial OSCAR winner thinks Hanks, a Democrat, would win in a landslide if he ever stood for office, but he wouldn't like the pay cut.

He says, "What American wouldn't vote for TOM HANKS? Hollywood is full of people like that.

"Let's pay the actor-politicians a presidential salary of $20 million (GBP11.1 million)."

Hanks appeared on last week's (ends12NOV04) McENROE chat show in America, declaring he voted for losing presidential candidate John Kerry in the recent US elections, but refused to take part in celebrity-led cheerleading events because he didn't think people would take him seriously enough.

Hanks told host John McEnroe that the only celebrity qualified to speak for Kerry was BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN - because the rocker has always been at the forefront of social struggle.

13/11/2004 02:43