LATEST: Filmmaker Michael Moore has had his heart "broken" for upsetting legendary writer Ray Bradbury over the title of his new film FAHRENHEIT 9/11.

The PALME D'OR winner has apologised for taking the title of his satirical documentary from the writer's 1953 classic novel FAHRENHEIT 451 without permission - a move which has angered the 83-year-old author.

Moore says, "It has broken my heart.

"I've called to try to apologise and work it out and he's just... oh, jeez I don't know what to say."

The anti-George W Bush activist says he tried to explain to Bradbury that the film could bring more young readers to his book - but apparently to no avail.

He says if he had called the film THE DIARY OF MICHAEL MOORE, surely people wouldn't confuse it with THE DIARY OF ANNE FRANK.

He adds, "There's no confusion here, you know?"

23/06/2004 20:58