Michael Moore is delighted his detractors who booed him for his anti-war speech at last year's (03) OSCAR ceremony are beginning to support his pacifist views.

The FAHRENHEIT 9/11 film-maker has been receiving encouraging support from those who initially supported the American government's invasion of Iraq - and has faith those who are pro-war will eventually "come round".

Moore says, "A soldier stopped me in the street a few weeks ago and said that he was on a ship off Iraq on the night of the Oscars and he and his shipmates all booed me when I said that.

"But he has just returned from Iraq after being there for a year and he said, 'I want to apologise to you for being angry at you that night.'

"So that's how I felt towards the people in the Kodak Theatre that night. People will come round. You heard all the pundits on the after-shows saying that my career was over. I knew the truth would come out."

23/11/2004 17:43