LATEST: Filmmaker Michael Moore insists he doesn't care his new documentary SICKO has been leaked online - he's just glad people get to watch his movie. Video-sharing website was forced to pull links to pirated versions of the U.S. healthcare expose last weekend (16/17Jun07) after learning as many as 600 people had seen the film illegally online. A 124-minute version of Sicko, which is released across America on 29 June (07), was posted on YouTube by two users on Friday (15Jun07). Distributor Weinstein Co alerted YouTube bosses after they learned of the leak, and the links to the footage were immediately removed. But Moore thinks the leak may even help Sicko at the box-office. He tells MTV, "I'm just happy that people get to see my movies. I'm not a big supporter of the copyright laws in this country. I thought Napster was a good idea. "I don't understand bands or filmmakers or whatever who oppose sharing, having their work be shared with people, because I think it only increases your fanbase. "You know, when I was a kid... I remember someone giving me a cassette tape of an album called London Calling by a group called The Clash. Suddenly I became a Clash fan. From that point on, I bought their albums and I went to their concerts. And they ended up making money off me - because somebody gave me a free tape of their music."