American film-maker Michael Moore has lead a protest in Florida after 60,000 presidential election ballots went missing in the state.

Moore - who shook America with his controversial anti-George W Bush documentary FAHRENHEIT 9/11 - lead chants outside the Broward County electoral offices in Fort Lauderdale.

The STUPID WHITE MEN author told around 100 protestors, "There are 60,000 ballots missing. We'll do what we can to find out who's responsible."

Moore also urged those awaiting the disappeared ballot papers to take advantage of early voting schemes and register their vote.

He claimed a massive turnout at the polls, he said, would ensure that "they don't get away with it" - referring to the controversial outcome of recounts in Florida that handed Bush the presidency in 2000.

Moore is currently on a tour of the US to encourage Americans to vote in next week's (02NOV04) elections.

01/11/2004 10:39