Filmmaker Michael Moore is still haunted by one tragedy documented in his new documentary SICKO - that of a struggling mother who lost her child because of healthcare red tape. The Bowling For Columbine documentary maker covers a range of medical issues in his new film, which attacks the U.S. healthcare system, but one story really upset him. He explains, "Her (mother) baby had a fever and she took the baby to the emergency room and they called her HMO (health insurance company) and the HMO said, 'She has to go to an in network hospital,' so she had to leave that hospital. "She said, 'My baby has a temperature of 104,' and they said, 'No, you have to leave and drive her across town.' "As a result of having to do that... by the time she got to the in-network hospital, the baby had gone into a seizure and died. "That happens more often than not because the insurance companies now control the hospitals."