Documentary maker Michael Moore has hit out at movie giants Disney for releasing a patriotic film after refusing to back FAHRENHEIT 9/11.

Moore was outraged when Disney backed out of plans to distribute Moore's stinging critique of US President George W Bush's reaction to the September 11 (01) terrorist attacks, claiming they didn't want to get involved in politics.

And he's seething now Disney is distributing AMERICA'S HEART + SOUL - a pro-America film that is being promoted by MOVE AMERICA FORWARD, a group that had tried to block's Fahrenheit 9/11, writes American gossip site THE SCOOP.

A statement on the director's website reads, "Disney joining forces with the right wing kooks who have come together to attempt to censor Fahrenheit 9/11 must mean that DUMBO is now in charge of the company's strategic decisions.

"First, Disney tried to stop the movie from being released and now it is aligning itself with the very people who are trying to intimidate the movie theaters from showing the movie. Even DONALD DUCK would tell you this makes no sense."

01/07/2004 17:22