Documentary maker Michael Moore has accused movie executives of leaking his new film on the internet because he insists the weekend controversy must have been an inside job. The editors of video-sharing website were forced to pull links to pirated versions of Moore's new U.S. healthcare film after learning as many as 600 people had seen the movie illegally online. But Moore isn't buying suggestions the leak was a mistake or the result of a clever pirate - because the online footage was too good. He fumes, "The film that's leaked onto the internet is not taken at a movie theatre with a little home movie camera the way it's usually done. This is the master. This is the actual digital; it's perfect. "You can't really get that unless you've been able to perform an inside job. "If you were a police detective, one of the first questions you would ask is about motive: Who has a vested interest in ruining the opening weekend's box office of this movie? If I were the police or FBI investigating this felony that's taken place, that's where I would look."