OSCAR-winner Michael Moore has taken a veiled swipe at Mel Gibson's controversial movie THE PASSION OF THE CHRIST - his revenge after Gibson refused to back FAHRENHEIT 9/11.

Moore was disappointed when the Australian heart-throb actor pulled out his financial backing of his expose of George W Bush's regime and his reaction to the September 11 terrorist attacks.

The BRAVEHEART star then refused to join Moore for a joint discussion with TIME MAGAZINE's editors, who were considering them for a joint Man Of The Year award last year (04).

On the subject of Gibson's biblical opus, Moore tells Vanity Fair, "If I were to make a movie, it would be about turning the other cheek... And the meek shall inherit the earth.

Moore added he was disturbed at, "How easily the vulnerable can be manipulated, twisted by images on the screen."

02/02/2005 17:41