Documentary-maker Michael Moore has found backing for his controversial new film about the 11 September (01) attacks - from WALT DISNEY CO's MIRAMAX FILM CORPORATION.

The film, FAHRENHEIT 911, a reference to the date of the terrorist attacks and to Ray Bradbury's book FAHRENHEIT 451, will look at America in the aftermath of the devastating attacks and alleged links between the families of US president GEORGE W BUSH and Muslim militant Osama Bin Laden.

Miramax, which took over after Mel Gibson's ICON PRODUCTIONS withdrew backing, will provide a few million dollars in temporary "bridge" funding, which offers the studio less risk and a lower return than longer-term funding, reports the LOS ANGELES TIMES.

Outspoken Moore stirred much controversy in March (03), when he took to the stage and slammed Bush and the war on Iraq while accepting his OSCAR for Bowling For Columbine.

13/05/2003 21:07