OSCAR-winning movie maker Michael Moore has been given the go-ahead to make his next film - about the story behind 9/11.

Mel Gibson's production company ICON have agreed to fund FAHRENHEIT 911 - which will focus on the US Government's past links with Osama Bin Laden and his family.

Moore, who was greeted with boos and cheers when he made an anti-war statement after collecting the Best Documentary Oscar for Bowling For Columbine at last week's (23MAR03) Academy Awards, will investigate the "murky" relationship between former US President GEORGE BUSH Sr and the al Qaeda leader's clan.

Moore claims Bush profited from a business relationship with bin Laden's father, MOHAMMED BIN LADEN, a Saudi construction magnate.

The 48-year-old film-maker is confident movie-goers are receptive to his controversial views.

He says, "The majority of Americans agree with me, see the economy in the toilet and didn't vote for George W.

"People are now realising you can question your government while still caring about the soldiers."