OSCAR-winning documentary maker Michael Moore has made his big screen acting debut, playing a political journalist in upcoming movie The Fever.

The politically-outspoken Bowling For Columbine director stars alongside Vanessa Redgrave and her daughter Joely Richardson in the HBO FILMS production, which is currently in post-production in London.

The film, directed by Redgrave's son and Richardson's half-brother CARLO GABRIEL NERO, is adapted from Wallace Shawn's play of the same name, and follows the political awakening of a middle-class woman.

Moore plays a rebellious reporter covering politics in countries under turmoil.

Jason Blum, who produced the film with Redgrave, says, "Michael has one big scene with Vanessa, and we were a little nervous because no one's ever really seen him act before. But he totally pulled it off."

Bosses have yet to decide if the film will be released to cinemas or make its debut on cable TV.

30/10/2003 09:43