Director Michael Moore has attacked American President George W Bush yet again - in the politician's home state.

Moore told university students in Texas on Monday (14APR03) that the President's approval ratings are high because American people rally around their leader after a tragedy, and Bush "is the one occupying the federal land at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue (White House)".

But Moore, who slammed Bush and the US-led war in Iraq during his OSCAR acceptance speech last month (MAR03), told them America is at war with the Middle Eastern country because of the former Texas governor's need to keep the public's eye off his domestic failures as president.

He told 4,400 students and guests at the UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS, "It's not about the weapons of mass destruction; it's about the weapons of mass distraction."

Pulling the Oscar he won for Bowling For Columbine from a bag, Moore passed the gold statue around the audience, joking, "What are the chances I'm going to get that thing back?"

He received a standing ovation when he won and a mixture of cheers and boos with his fiery criticism of President Bush - a speech he said he hadn't prepared.

Before his speech, Moore joked to newspaper the AUSTIN AMERICAN-STATESMAN, "Should I be getting death threats? It is pretty risky of me to be coming to Texas, don't you think?"