Filmmaker Michael Moore joined campaigners in New York on Monday (26Sep11) to protest about the greed of large corporations.
The director turned up unannounced to support the Occupy Wall Street march in Manhattan's Zuccotti Park, where demonstrators were speaking out about corporate greed and social inequality.
Moore went on to appear live on CNN's Piers Morgan Tonight show and explained, "I was down there at the protest, I just made it back. I'm a citizen of this country so first and foremost, before I'm a filmmaker, I'm a citizen so I try to as much as possible participate as a citizen.
"There was a man there from a more conservative news channel asking what I was doing there and why am I against capitalism... and I said, 'Well clearly you don't know what capitalism is these days, it's about the upper one per cent owning the majority of this country and everyone else is scrabbling for the crumbs'. I look forward to the day when I really don't have to make another of these films or do any of this - that would be the ultimate best thing to happen."