Controversial movie maker Michael Moore has fired off at CNN bosses after journalist BILL HAMMER hit him with a question about those who wanted to kill him on live TV.

Moore was stunned when Hammer wanted a response to his comment, "I've heard people say they wish Michael Moore were dead," during a live interview at the Democratic National Conference (DNC) in Boston, Massachusetts.

The FAHRENHEIT 9/11 movie maker stumbled through his answer yesterday (27JUL04) and then staged a press conference to criticise Hammer and CNN.

He said, "If you're a real journalist you don't ask a question like that on live television. No one has ever asked that of anybody and for the obvious reasons."

Meanwhile, Moore agreed to appear on fierce critic Bill O'Reilly's hard-hitting news show THE O'REILLY FACTOR after coming face-to-face with the Fox News anchorman at the DNC.

Moore insisted O'Reilly filmed their chat live and agreed not to edit out anything he said.

28/07/2004 02:50