In a lengthy post on his Facebook page, the Bowling For Columbine director and star confessed he is growing ever more concerned about Trump's lack of interest in national security.

The property tycoon, who became America's next leader last month (Nov16), recently revealed he wasn't attending his daily security briefings because he felt he didn't need to be informed of the same thing over and over.

Moore insists that attitude will hurt America when he takes office in January (17).

"So, my fellow Americans, when the next terrorist attack happens - and it will happen, we all know that - and after the tragedy is over, amidst the death and destruction that might have been prevented, you will see Donald Trump acting quickly to blame everyone but himself," Moore wrote. "He will suspend constitutional rights. He will round up anyone he deems a threat. He will declare war, and his Republican Congress will back him."

The director has urged Trump to take a look at the last president who didn't take security briefings seriously - George W. Bush.

"On August 6, 2001, he was on a month-long vacation at his ranch in Texas," Moore added. "That morning, the White House Counsel handed him his daily national security briefing. He glanced at it, set it aside and then went fishing for the rest of the day.

"The headline on the security briefing reads: BIN LADEN DETERMINED TO STRIKE INSIDE U.S. On the top page it tells how bin Laden will do this: with planes. George W. Bush didn't leave the ranch to go back to work for the next four weeks. In the fifth week, bin Laden attacked the US with planes on September 11th."

Addressing the new leader, Moore adds, "It was YOUR job to pay attention, to protect the country, but you were too busy tweeting and defending (Russian leader) Putin and appointing cabinet members to dismantle the government. You didn't have time for the daily national security briefing."