LATEST: One of the Ground Zero workers who Michael Moore took to Cuba for his latest movie SICKO, has defended the filmmaker, declaring Cuban doctors gave him better medical attention that he received in his native America. Disabled emergency medical technician John Graham spent several months assisting in the huge clean-up operation of lower Manhattan following the September 11th (01) attacks. Like many other Ground Zero workers, Graham, 45, has suffered from a variety of illnesses since his stint and is struggling to afford expensive medical treatment in the U.S. When Moore offered him the chance to seek medical treatment in Communist Cuba, Graham accepted and spent five days in a hospital in the capital Havana. Moore is currently under investigation by The Treasury Department's Office Of Foreign Assets Control for allegedly violating the country's trade embargo with Cuba by travelling to the Caribbean island. Graham tells the New York Daily News, "See the movie, because everyone else is wrong. There were no promises of a cure; there were promises of doctors that are willing to do tests that would cost thousands of dollars in the United States." Graham said not only was he given more effective medicine for his ailments, but he was also diagnosed with digestive problems, of which he had no prior knowledge.