Director Michael Moore's controversial documentary FAHRENHEIT 9/11 is set to be re-released in cinemas later this month (SEP04) - just three months after it's initial theatre release.

The film, which has set records as the highest-grossing documentary of all time, was released in America on 23 June (04), and will now be reissued on 24 September (04).

The movie, which has grossed more than $118 million (GBP65.5 million), has become part of this year's political scene, with its attack on American President George W Bush.

A reissue could mean the film will still be playing in theatres on 5 October (04), when it is scheduled for a video/DVD release via Sony.

Sony has declined comment on the possibility of a reissue.

However, sources close to LIONS GATE and Sony speculate that a reissue could only help with DVD sales, especially if there is a supplemental advertising campaign planned.

10/09/2004 19:18