Movie hardman Michael Madsen is only proud of five films he has appeared in.

The RESERVOIR DOGS star has made almost 100 screen appearances since his debut in 1982 flop AGAINST ALL HOPE - but he confesses most of his films are terrible and he only acted in them for the money.

He moans, "It happens really quickly. All of a sudden you can't get your foot in the door to the good movies any more.

"And the crap eats you up. And then eventually even that market dries up. And then you're dead. You might as well just shoot yourself."

Madsen, 45, also concedes Quentin Tarantino has provided him with his few moments of glory on screen - having acted for him in Reservoir Dogs and KILL BILL: VOL.1 and VOL.2.

He gushes, "I would have even taken a part as an extra - because Tarantino allows me to do my best."

30/04/2004 13:38