The moviemaker almost scrapped plans to make the western after the first draft of the script leaked online last year (14), and the story became a huge fuss around Hollywood as film bosses attempted to find out who gave up the screenplay.

Madsen was in Italy the day after receiving the draft at Tarantino's home in Hollywood when he heard all about the drama.

"I was on an elevator in Italy; I had left the day after I got the damn thing, and I was with my manager and he was looking at his cellphone," the actor recalls. "He goes, 'Oh my God, Michael, this is the worst thing in the world... Someone leaked the script.'"

Madsen's manager then proceeded to read Tarantino's quote in the story.

The actor recalls, "(He said), 'I only gave the script to three people - Bruce (Dern), Michael and Tim (Roth) and I know for sure it wasn't Tim!' I'm like, 'What the f**k?'

"I called him (Tarantino) from the phone in the lobby of the hotel and I go, 'Quentin, you realise the way you phrased that... Can you please make some public announcement that it wasn't me, man?' He starts laughing."

But Madsen was deadly serious, revealing even his own son was convinced he had leaked the script.

During a cast appearance on U.S. late night show Jimmy Kimmel Live, the director added, "His son calls him up after he hears that and he's like, 'Dad, why...?'"

"(He said), 'I can't believe that you've betrayed Quentin!'" Madsen recalled.