Veteran actor Michael Madsen is sick of being typecast as the violent bad guy, sparked by his appearance in Quentin Tarantino's blood-soaked classic Reservoir Dogs.

The 45-year-old frequently gets called MR BLONDE - his character's name in the 1993 movie - when out in public, and feels his career has been equally blessed and cursed by Tarantino's masterpiece.

And Madsen complains he's weary of hearing, "Oh look, it's Mr Blonde," at each audition he attends, but hopes his role as BUDD in Tarantino's Kill Bill: VOL 2 will shake off his association with the homicidal character.

He says, "It's a blessing to have a role you're remembered for, but it's also a f***ing curse.

"The trouble with working with Quentin is that nothing ever compares. You go to work on something else and it's like, hell, I might as well become a carpenter."

11/05/2004 21:11