Movie tough guys Michael Madsen and Harvey Keitel had a difficult decision during the christening of Madsen's son - whether to renounce Satan or not.

Madsen picked his Reservoir Dogs co-star to be the godfather of his son MAX, but the pair found themselves hesitating during the christening ceremony when the priest asked them the awkward question.

Michael laughs, "Harvey's holding my son and the Father's got the water and he's going to dump it on Max's head. We're standing there, the Father looks at me and Harvey, and says, 'Do you renounce Satan?' and I didn't say anything.

"I looked over at Harvey and he looked back at me. Then we turned to the Father and he said, 'I need a verbal response.' And I go, 'Well, yeah,' and Harvey goes, 'Right, yeah, we do.' That was a pretty funny moment."

23/04/2004 13:27