Michael Lohan wants to hire a new lawyer for his daughter Lindsay.

The 52-year-old showbiz patriarch was horrified by the performance of Mark Heller in court on Friday (01.03.13) after all of his filed motions, including a request for continuance on the grounds that Lindsay deserves ''mercy and compassion'' were denied by Judge James Dabney and wants to help her get new representation.

Michael told TMZ he has found a California attorney who will take the case and he is willing to pay in order to help out his daughter.

Speaking about Heller, he added: ''This guy is a loser and will drag her down. I already started to pray to God that Lindsay fires him before it's too late.

''Any professional, respectable, or sure-footed lawyer would never conduct himself in this matter.

''This guy has two left feet that keep leading him into a wall.''

During the court hearing, the judge told the New York lawyer to find a California attorney to help him.

He said: ''Somebody needs to come in to assist you who has some experience in California law for procedure or Miss Lohan is going to have to come in here and waive her right to have attorneys who are competent in California law and procedure to go forward.''