Michael Lohan has been locked up in solitary confinement.

The 51-year-old TV personality - who is the father of actress Lindsay Lohan - was arrested twice last week after he allegedly assaulted his girlfriend Kate Major and then reportedly broke a restraining order to contact her following his release and is set to remain in jail until his hearing on Wednesday (09.11.11).

Despite his solitary confinement, Michael has been allowed to make phone calls and has been in contact with his former flame Kim Granatell, from 'The Real Housewives of New Jersey'.

Kim's friend Tom Murro said: "Kim has spoken with Michael who told her he was in a lot of pain."

The showbiz patriarch is being treated the same as all of the other prisoners with a jail spokesperson saying: "His typical meals are scrambled eggs, ham, toast and milk for breakfast; a bologna sandwich and milk for lunch, and a chicken patty and pudding or apple sauce for dinner."

Michael's incarceration last week comes after he was accused by Kate of attacking her after she refused to perform oral sex on him

The police report stated: "The defendant again pushed her multiple times and squeezed her arms. She suffered minor bruising and complained of shoulder pains."

He is also thought to have smashed his girlfriend's cell phone and threatened to throw her from a fourth-floor balcony before police arrested him.