Kate Major won't face criminal battery charges following a drunken incident on a plane last month when she allegedly accosted a fellow passenger.

The journalist - who is the ex-girlfriend of Michael Lohan - entered a rehab facility in Boca Raton, Florida, to be treated for alcohol abuse after the dispute and the Los Angeles City Attorney is reportedly so impressed with her attempts to atone for her actions he has decided not to file charges, according to TMZ.

Her decision to enter rehab followed a turbulent few weeks which saw Michael arrested following a physical altercation with her on October 25.

The 51-year-old showbiz patriarch - the father of Lindsay Lohan - was sentenced to two years probation over the incident after he entered a plea of no contest to four domestic violence charges in a Tampa court in November.

Kate accused him of attacking and bruising her during a heated argument at a property in Florida which began after she refused to perform oral sex on him.

He is also believed to have also smashed Kate's cell phone and threatened to throw her from a balcony before police arrived and arrested him.

The police report stated: "The defendant again pushed her multiple times and squeezed her arms. She suffered minor bruising and complained of shoulder pains."

Kate was reportedly on her way to Florida to attend a court date over a restraining order she filed against Michael when the incident on the plane allegedly occurred.