Michael Lohan's wife Kate Major went on a shocking homophobic and racist rant at police last week.

In new footage, obtained by TMZ, Kate, 34 - whose head was covered by a white bag as she had reportedly been spitting at officers - can be heard verbally abusing the police offers who arrived at her home after she called to claim her husband was kidnapping their children and he alleged she was intoxicated.

When Kate was asked if she was carrying any weapons, she told one female police officer: ''No I don't and get off my t**s you f***ing lesbian,'' while she called a black policeman a ''monkey''.

She also reportedly ranted: ''I'd love to be more a part of White Supremacy because you all are a bunch of f***ing monkeys.''

Earlier, Kate called 911 and claimed that Michael was trying to take their children Landon, four and two-year-old Logan.

She said: ''Hi 911, my husband [Lohan] is literally kidnapping my children.

''Ma'am he literally took them against their will, they don't want to be with him. He was beating me up in front of them, I don't know how many times I have to say that.

''I can't f***ing live like this and you guys aren't going to help me and question me a million f***ing times!

''I will f***ing charge you all responsible if my kids are dead, I will kill you all! Okay, you hear me? Get my f***ing children home.

''F*** you and get my kids home because I called 911 because I have a f***ing sociopath trying to f***ing kill me do you hear that!?''

Boca Raton police department in Florida later confirmed that Kate had been taken to a mental health facility for an ''involuntary psychiatric evaluation'' after Michael called the police to claim that she was intoxicated when he went to pick up their children.

Michael recorded Kate threatening him and the police invoked Florida's Baker Act, which allows citizens to be taken in for an involuntary psychiatric evaluation.

Michael, 57 and Kate tied the knot in 2014 but split in 2015.