Dina and Michael Lohan's truce has come to a premature end.

It was reported Lindsay Lohan's squabbling parents had put their differences aside on Wednesday (29.05.13) after agreeing to attend family counselling sessions for the sake of their daughter, who is currently serving 90 days of court-ordered rehab.

However, mere hours after the divorced couple enjoyed their first reconciliatory dinner in 10 years in Hollywood, things turned sour between them.

The fireworks happened when Michael and Dina were filming an episode of new TV show 'The Test', a conflict-resolution talk show due to air this autumn which uses lie detector and DNA tests to solve problems.

Website TMZ reports the warring exes both accused one another of lying about their past infidelities and blamed each other for who is responsible for Lindsay's wild ways. Michael allegedly took two lie detector tests, but Dina refused to take any.

The pair's short-lived attempt to put the past behind them was prompted by counsellors at the Betty Ford rehab facility, in Rancho Mirage, California, where Lindsay is staying.

They are supposed to be having a family therapy session on Saturday (01.06.13), but Dina is rumoured to want to ban Michael from attending.

Lindsay, 27, has reportedly been trying to make amends and had an ''epiphany'' about her life while in rehab, for pleading ''no contest'' to lying to police about driving during a car accident last June.

She is said to have bought anchor-shaped pendants for all her immediate family members this week as a symbol of their solidarity during her tough times.