Michael Kors started giving fashion advice aged five.

The designer first realised he had an eye for style as a child when he helped his mother narrowly avoid a fashion disaster just before she was about to walk down the aisle.

In a talk with Yasmin Le Bon at the Vogue Festival at London's Southbank centre on Saturday (27.04.13), Michael revealed: ''I think it started when I was five and my mother was getting married again.

''I told her there were just too many bows on her dress. My grandmother disagreed but my mother thought I had a point and took them all off.

''The dress remained timeless - although she didn't stay married.''

Michael - who made TIME magazine's 100 most influential people list earlier this month - lived up to his reputation as one of the funniest men in fashion by cracking jokes throughout the event, and revealed his good humour is at its peak after a successful show.

He said: ''I'm not one of those designers who just pops his head around the wall after a show - I have never understood why people sometimes think that to be stylish you have to be sombre and serious.

''In fact I'm in full celebration mode afterwards - I feel like I've just given birth after a show. I'm joyful and ecstatic.''