Michael Kors believes women feel confident while wearing his designs.

The designer's creations are huge hit with females all over the world and Michael thinks it's because his clothes make people feel good about themselves.

He said: ''If I do my job right, when you get dressed in something I've designed, it helps to boost your confidence. A lot of people say, 'Well, if I was a celebrity, I would always be confident.' But let's be honest: If you've got the cameras on you, it's worse. For some reason, I've seen women at vulnerable moments go for Michael Kors. Jennifer Lopez, two days after she broke up with Ben Affleck, hit the red carpet in Michael Kors. Jennifer Garner has her first child, 10 days later she's presenting at the Academy Awards, Michael Kors. I think it's a confidence boost perhaps. Debra Messing told me after the first time we dressed her for 'Will & Grace'. I loved how I look and the plus was I could actually move in this thing.''

Michael also revealed how he is keen to leave a legacy in The Fashion world, telling WWD: ''I truly believe that my legacy will be that you can have it all. You can be glamorous and sexy and feel comfortable in your own skin.''