Michael Kors is making his brand cruelty free.

The 58-year-old fashion designer, who launched his eponymous label in 1981, has announced he is ''out of the fur business'' and will no longer be using materials from animals in his creations.

Speaking about the changes to the fashion house, John Idol - who is the Chief Executive of Michael Kors - said: ''We're out of the fur business.''

According to the Business of Fashion, Michael made this decision after he recently met with the animal rights organisation People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), who have been urging brands to go cruelty free since the 1990s.

However, Michael is not scrapping the fluffy look entirely as he plans to find an alternative faux fur fabric to use in his merchandise.

In a statement, the company said: ''Due to technological advances in fabrications, we now have the ability to create a luxe aesthetic using non-animal fur. We will showcase these new techniques in our upcoming runway show in February.''

But there is still another 12 months to go until the businessman entirely rules out fur from his garments, as the items will not be phased out until December 2018.

And not only is Michael's namesake label opting out of using fur, Jimmy Choo, which Michael bought earlier this year, will also discontinue using the material.

And despite the change in the creative process, Michael ''never'' gets bored of designing, and he would never want to have another job because he is always kept on his toes creating new collections for his fashion house.

When previously asked about his dream job, the creative mastermind said: ''The one I have. No day is ever the same, so I never get bored, which I love. That's what has kept me going for the last 35 years.''