The Birdman actor took the stage at The Beverly Hilton hotel in Los Angeles to announce the nominees for the Best Supporting Actress in a Motion Picture accolade, but got his films mixed up as he read Octavia Spencer's name, claiming she was in the running for her role in "Hidden Fences".

Fences star Viola Davis ended up winning the award.

Keaton's snafu didn't go unnoticed by viewers, who promptly took to social media to express their outrage, with many claiming films with African-American casts do not all sound the same.

It was the second time during the Globes TV coverage that Fences had been confused with Hidden Figures, after NBC presenter Jenna Bush Hagar also referenced "Hidden Fences" while interviewing hip-hop star Pharrell Williams on the red carpet for his contribution to the movie's score, which was also nominated.

Among the stunned fans watching the Globes at home was actress Gabrielle Union, who tweeted about Keaton's slip-up, "Wait... #HiddenFences ...again?"

Keaton later expressed his sorrow over his faux pas, telling, "I'm sorry, I apologise. I screwed it up."

However, after learning his remark had gone viral, he insisted he wasn't about to lose any sleep over the mishap.

"I'm a horrible person," he said sarcastically to the paparazzi, adding."

Bush Hager has also apologised for her on-air mistake.

The stars of Hidden Figures walked away empty handed from the Globes, but the weekend (07-08Jan17) wasn't a complete loss - the real-life drama, about the three female African-American mathematicians who helped NASA send astronaut John Glenn into space, edged out Rogue One: A Star Wars Story to claim the North American box office title.

Early estimates suggested the Star Wars spin-off had just managed to hold on to the top spot for a fourth consecutive week after both films reportedly hit $22 million (£17.9 million) over the weekend, but final figures released on Monday (09Jan17) revealed Hidden Figures was number one.

The drama, which also stars Taraji P. Henson, Janelle Monae, and Kevin Costner, beat Rogue One by roughly $1 million (£822,230) to take the title with a total of $22.8 million (£18.7 million), reports