Former BATMAN star Michael Keaton has become a sports buff after following certain activities while preparing for movie roles.

The actor became a huge soccer fan after training with an ex-professional as part of his work-out for Batman and now he has developed a love for speed sport NASCAR after checking out races for his role as a racing team owner in HERBIE: FULLY LOADED.

Keaton, who plays Lindsay Lohan's dad in the Disney film, says, "I started to pick things up. I was somewhat curious but I really didn't know that much about it.

"I knew some of the names of the drivers and kind of how it worked; who was in first place and why they're saying that and what does that mean.

"Once you have that kind of knowledge, you look at it differently so I'm a fan in as much as when I see it on the TV, I go, 'Oh, I wonder how so and so is doing?'"

08/06/2005 13:36