LATEST: Hollywood stars Michael Keaton and Hilary Swank were forced to abandon filming on their latest movies this week, when Hurricane Katrina struck Louisiana.

Hundreds of people are feared dead following the widespread devastation caused by the category five hurricane on Monday (29AUG05) in Louisiana and neighbouring Mississippi.

Swank, her castmembers and the crew of THE REAPING fled their set in Louisiana's Baton Rouge, while Keaton abandoned filming of THE LAST TIME in New Orleans.

Former XENA: WARRIOR PRINCESS star Lucy Lawless was forced to quit her movie VAMPIRE BATS and is currently staying with a hour outside of New Orleans.

Vampire Bats executive producer FRANK VON ZERNECK laments, "Nobody's eyeballed this, but I have a feeling my trucks are under water."

Crews readying sets for Denzel Washington's forthcoming movie DEJA VU and Kevin Costner's new film The Guardian also quit the city, with the Disney studios chartering a plane to fly out 70 crewmembers for both films.