Michael Jordan's divorce from his wife could prove to be the most expensive celebrity split yet.

According to Forbes magazine, which has released its top ten list of eye-watering settlements, the basketball legend's estranged wife Juanita could bag more than $150 million (£76 million) if she presses for half his assets.

Coming second in the list is the 1994 divorce of Neil Diamond and his wife Marcia Murphey. The legendary crooner earned more than $14 million (£7 million) annually and when they split she walked away with half his fortune  an estimated $150 million.

Diamond seems to hold no grudges however, as he later said she was "worth every penny".

Producer Steven Spielberg's divorce from Amy Irving in 1989 saw him lose an estimated $85 million (£43 million) after she successfully contested a pre-nup which had been scribbled on a napkin. But the vast amount is still pretty small in comparison to the $3 billion (£1.51 million) that he is now worth and he has gone on to remarry.

Forbes' remaining top ten settlements

4) Harrison Ford and Melissa Mathison: estimated settlement of $85 million (£43 million)
5) Kevin Costner and Cindy Silva: estimated settlement of $80 million (£40.3 million)
6) Paul McCartney and Heather Mills: settlement of a rumoured $60+ million (£30.2 million)
7) James Cameron and Linda Hamilton: estimated settlement of $50 million (£25.1 million)
8) Michael and Diandra Douglas: estimated settlement of $45 million (£22.3 million)
9) Lionel and Diane Richie: estimated settlement of $20 million (£10.6 million)
10) Mick Jagger and Jerry Hall: estimated settlement of $15-$25 million (£7.5 - 12.6 million)

13/04/2007 14:48:09