Basketball legend Michael Jordan is facing a battle with workers in New York City, after they filed a lawsuit complaining about the smells coming from his restaurant.

CITIGROUP employees in a Park Avenue office building claim the neighbouring MICHAEL JORDAN'S STEAKHOUSE is one of the culprits behind "disgusting" and "noxious odours" permeating their 40th floor offices.

In the lawsuit, Citigroup employees complain of strong garlic smells coming from Jordan's restaurant and another nearby cafe, saying, "The odour is so bad right now it is truly nauseating."

The lawsuit adds that "on a daily basis" employees find "mice droppings" and they've also encountered "dead mice" laying at their desks.

The suit says that poor ventilation and holes in the walls between the MET LIFE building and Jordan's steakhouse are to blame.

But Jordan's business partner, PETER GLAZIER, strongly denies the allegations, saying, "According to our lawyers, this is a frivolous lawsuit, and according to our health records, our restaurant is way above average."

20/04/2004 02:23