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Why is it so hard to understand that these people DO miss their little brother? Hell millions of strangers miss him, so why can't his family? Hey folks before we met MJ, he was already their little brother and given the facts about how they were raised with such an iron fist, they were so close and they had each others backs from birth. If the Jackson's had no talent maybe people could be justified in their complaint's, but they were a group before Michael joined them. Stop this BS of how they are "now" singing for their supper. The Jackson 5 stopped singing as a group years ago and none of these brother got close living on skid row and none of them were bought and paid for by Michael. It's just amazes me how sooooo many people get on these blog spewing their opinions about the lives of people they did not know nor they personally met. TMZ and the like makes their money by telling you exactly what you want to hear and most people just sucks it up! Unless any of you have met any of the Jackson's then I suggest you at least get the facts first then write all you want on these blogs. At least you will be using educated facts instead of what you have accepted as facts!

Posted 5 years 3 months ago by YANNI54

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They miss their brother terribly. They were all close. To them Michael was just their brother. It is a shame if people think they are profiting from Michael. All the Jacksons have extraordinary talents. They loved their brother. Michael loved them. And trusted them. True MJ fans would respect his family. They are the ones who stood by him through hard times. When people who had never even met him judged him...they stood by him. Because they knew him and theyloved him. They did NOT kill their brother. The people accusing them are the true murderers. If you can't respect MJ's family you are NOT a MJ fan. You are probably the same people who made fun of him and harassed him when he was alive. God knows who hides in the dark.

Posted 5 years 3 months ago by JesusspeaksTrut...

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TOO bad they are having to sing for their dinner again since Michael Jackson cant support the whole clan!!! makes me sick !!

Posted 5 years 3 months ago by zen2580

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