Just days before the third anniversary of Michael Jackson's tragic death, his brothers Marlon, Jermaine, Tito and Jackie are starting their 'Unity Tour', at Casino Rama in Ontario, Canada. The show hits 14 other cities, before wrapping up in Washington on July 29, 2012, reports the Associated Press.

Various combinations of the brothers have performed together over the years, though this tour will be the first time all four have shared the stage since 1985. Following Michael's death in 2009, the four shot a reality show called 'The Jacksons: A Family Dynasty', which followed their attempts to stage a comeback. Jermaine Jackson says the latest batch of rehearsals have been particularly difficult, revealing, "The brothers don't know this, but I've broken down several times and cried during rehearsals.I'm so used to Michael being on the right and then Marlon, Jackie, on and on. It's just something we never get used to". Jermaine went on to explain that fans of the group can expect something a little different this time around, with the group rearranging their classic Jackson Five hits from the 1970s to suit their voices today. The show will also include a medley tribute to Michael, ending with the song 'Gone Too Soon'.

The brothers are undaunted heading into the tour, and even hope to release some new music later this year. Marlon joked, "It's like riding a bike.You never forget, but you do need to tweak a few things".