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Correction, MJ Paid Debbie, 4.5 Million For Each Child, Paris and Prince, and She Was Given Properties, Including the Horse Ranch, and a Stipend, Plus $200,000 More to Agree Not to have a Say in the Children's Upbringing and Decisions Concerning Them Nor to Give Interviews. She Publicly Stated She Didn't Want Them to Call Her Mother. When Next She Attempted to Get Custody of Them and That Failed, She Appealed to MJ's Mother to Pay the $250,000 Court Costs For Her Having Filed to Attempt Custody. At Every Turn, She Tries to Make Money. She Testified in the AEG Trial That MJ Took Drugs, That's Not True. I Knew MJ for Three Decades, He Only Took Drugs Given To Him By Doctors, Administered by Doctors. She is Part of the Reason They Lost the AEG Case. She Has Been Around Schaffel For YEARS, MJ Sued Schaffel, Something About He KEPT Over $200,000 Of MJ's Money That He Was Supposed to Use for Productions. Schaffel Sued MJ For Millions. He is Now Trying to Promote Up and Coming Pop Stars. MJ Found Out During the Lawsuit Schaffel Put on Him, That Marc Schaffel Had Produced Over 100 Gay Porno Films. MJ Said If He Knew He Had Been Involved in Porno, He Would Not Have Worked With Him. So, NOW He Wants to Marry Debbie, And She Wants ALL The Children? Well, That Sounds Like Schaffel's Influence. Debbie Doesn't Have Cancer But She Has Sarcodosis, The Same Ailment That Possibly Contributed to Bernie Mac's Sudden Death. Between Schaffel Being AROUND And Her Health, I Think The Children BELONG With the Jacksons, As MJ Wished For Them to Be. She Says His Brothers Are Mooching Off MJ, No, They All Have Had Their Own Business Matters for Years and Make Their Own Living And MJ Himself Said The Jackson 5 Was How He Started and Without Them and The Fact He Had Been a Child Star, He Wouldn't Have Had The Fame He Achieved Later. Katherine Jackson is the ONLY Person MJ Consulted About Child Care When His Kids Were Being Raised, She Raised Nine of Her Own Including MJ. She is a Powerhouse Person, She is Older Now, But She is A Very Strong Lady. None of Her Children Had Drug Problems, Not Even MJ, He Was Treated for Sleep Disorders, He Was NOT A Drug Addict, as All His Meds Were Administered To Him by Doctors.

Posted 3 years 9 months ago by Linda Adams

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She's a money grubbing piece of crap. Too bad Michael was fooled by her....he could have found a much better person to be the mother of his kids....I'm sure she skipped all the way to the bank !!!!

Posted 3 years 9 months ago by rockin robin

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I don't care if her a$$ is from the moon, she still shouldn't uproot children who has been living at one place with the family of the dad they loss for the last 5 years and with one who is almost 18 and doesn't want to be with her and another one who is NOT HER CHILD. I hope Paris sees this the way most people will as a situation of a greedy ex manager of her dad's who is a porno producer, whom Rowe claimed about a week ago she was not engaged to but changed her mind all of a sudden and now she has agreed to marry this man and all of a sudden she wants custody of all three of Michael's children? Sound like someone who is looking forward to being the step parent of MJ's children's inheritance!

Posted 3 years 9 months ago by YANNI54

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