Wade Robson Sets Up Charity For Abuse Victims - Comments and Message Board

What an IDIOT he is!!. What is his name again Prick??? Yeah, Michael had molestated him for "seven years", yes sure . How come he did say anything ?, he was already 14 years old. Well, I guss he must like it!!! Just looking at his hungry for money face , you can easily say he is lying and talking CRAP. Go to hell and never show your an agly face again Jerk!

Posted 4 years 1 month ago by reniatko

reniatko's picture

GENIUS! That's a perfect way to get lots of money in your pocket! Say its for CHARITY!!!!! Way to go Wade!!!! You'll get a bunch of money from Michael Jackson haters that you can use to spend on your selfish needs!!! KUDOS! Oh, and rot in hell loser!

Posted 4 years 1 month ago by Pegvg

Pegvg's picture

Come on Wade! Who are you trying to fool? Yanni54 said it all!

Posted 4 years 1 month ago by Mado

Mado's picture

anyone who believes this charity aught t be shot.To make a fake scam like that when there are real people hurting out there is just criminal. you can be sure he is pockeing the money.

Posted 4 years 1 month ago by kar906362

kar906362's picture

1st in crises of money how u build this charity ???????????????? Finally u got ur some.....& 2ndly ur case was not excepted in court.So go to hell u monster& molester yourself & so call ur charity will go too soon.Your time also near monster...so do what u can.

Posted 4 years 1 month ago by rosemary moly gomes

rosemary moly gomes's picture

Yup I can see it now another "Charity like that recent Cancer Charity that they got busted for giving 2 % (If That) and pocketing the rest. W.Robber GET A JOB YOU LAZY BUM, AND STOP LYING TO GET SOMEOF "YOUR MONSTER MOLESTER'S" MONEY!!!!!!!! I am a rape victim and would NEVER WANT TO RAISE MY CHILD ON SAID PERSONS MONEY!!!!!!!!!!! GET A JOB YOU BUM

Posted 4 years 1 month ago by m.j. lover and ...

m.j. lover and believer 4 life's picture

What a joke! He is attempting to get sympathy. He has a foundation and at the same time he is suing MJ's estate for money. They still are NOT telling anyone how much he assumes will put all of those horrible memories out of his head. We all know that for some people like him ONLY MONEY CAN RELIEVE ALL THE HORRRIFIC MEMORIES THAT BEING RAPED CAN PUT ON A PERSON IS IT EVER HAPPENED IN THE FIRST PLACE. I still think AEG's hands are in this somehow. They needed a distraction and between Wade and that nut Scott (Liberace's ex) it's just not getting all AEG might have wanted. Wade assumed his story would stick, be believable and bring on more outrage, but since that's not happening he is going to opposite route by trying to use the sympathy card! That won't work either Wade. MJ has always provided help for children all over the world for years and since his death did stop anything now there are two new hospitals, one in Africa and the other in Haiti in his name and there is more to come!! Get a life Wade and stop trying to extort money (like the rest of them) from Michael Jackson's Estate! Get some therapy, raise your kid and move on! Living in Hawaii is a great place to start you rehab!!

Posted 4 years 1 month ago by YANNI54

YANNI54's picture

That snake just won't go away.....i'm sure everything he does someone puts him up to it! Wonder how much $$ he's been paid to do this stunt???

Posted 4 years 1 month ago by rockin robin

rockin robin's picture

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