LATEST: Businessman HENRY VACCARO is threatening to reveal all about his collection of Michael Jackson's sex toys when he's eventually served the reported lawsuit from the King Of Pop's attorney.

Vaccaro recently sold the Jackson family memorabilia he picked up after paying off patriarch Joe Jackson's unpaid storage bills.

And now a furious Jackson plans to sue Vaccaro - even though he has already been told by a judge that a suit is a waste of time.

Vaccaro says, "The judge turned to this gentleman and said Michael Jackson could have bid on this. He chose not to and he has no legal standing in this matter."

But if it does get nasty, Vaccaro explains he'll reveal another Jackson secret: "I'm gonna fight like hell... If this is what he feels he has to do to improve him image, come after me.

"I'm gonna defend myself and then maybe the world is going to know about the sex objects we found in there."

26/03/2004 09:27