Tuesday (24MAY05) will be celebrity chat show day in the Michael Jackson child molestation trial as Jay Leno and Larry King are called to testify.

Jackson's defence team subpoenaed the two US TV stars to testify in Santa Maria, California - and both will appear on the same day.

According to US news show CELEBRITY JUSTICE, CNN newsman King had been scheduled to testify on 19 May (05), but his attorney was unable to appear with him on that date.

King and Leno won't be the only celebrities testifying next week (beg23MAY05) - Jackson's friends Brett Ratner and Chris Tucker will also be called to the stand on Thursday (26MAY05).

Rush Hour director BRETT RATNER has already stated he has no problem speaking out about his pal, revealing, "He's a great father and a great person and he's a great friend of mine. I

don't know if that really matters but that's all I can really say."

18/05/2005 21:34