TJ Jackson would be the ideal man to take custody of Michael Jackson's children - so says his half-sister Tanay. The Jackson family are currently in turmoil, with both Katherine Jackson - Michael's mother - and TJ - his nephew - both keen on becoming guardians of Paris, Prince and Blanket. Matters have become complicated, however, because Diana Ross has in fact been named guardian of the three, though it appears that she isn't interested in taking on the responsibility.

That leaves Katherine and TJ to negotiate matters, and, according to Tanay, her half-brother is more than capable of the task of fathering them. "My brother would make an ideal father for the kids," she told "He knows how to be a father. He's been doing it for a while, and it's been in him from the beginning."

Tanay admitted that she initially wanted TJ to take sole custody of the kids, but has since backtracked and now endorses the idea of both he and Katherine becoming co-guardians. "At first I was saying that TJ should take guardianship because he's a good father and the kids like him and it would be a good way to let my grandma get a rest," she said. "But she's very fond of the kids and she's been raising them. This is a good idea. She'd still get to raise them and then she'd get some sort of backup." What's likely to happen? At the moment, anyone's guess.