LATEST: A third juror from Michael Jackson's child molestation trial has apologised for clearing the troubled singer, insisting she now believes he was guilty of sexually abusing a teenage cancer sufferer.

KATHARINA CARLS was one of the 12 jurors who deliberated for 32 hours and unanimously found the THRILLER star not guilty of sexually assaulting GAVIN ARVIZO, then 13, after plying him with alcohol.

But she insists she now believes Arvizo, and only cleared Jackson after accepting there was a "one per cent" chance the adolescent was lying.

She says, "I believe the boy and I believe Jackson is a child molester.

"But there was a one per cent chance the boy was lying. That's where reasonable doubt came in."

Carls is the third juror to question Jackson's innocence - ELEANOR COOK, 79, is working on expose GUILTY AS SIN, Free As A Bird and RAY HULTMAN, 62, is writing THE DELIBERATOR.

Both Hultman and Cook claim they regret acquitting Jackson of paedophilia charges on 13 June (05) and want to set the record straight in the shocking exposes.