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Paris is growing up a little to fast. A "romance" has her tweeting like this? People will see that her problem with her Aunt Janet (whom her dad loved) was not the fault of her Aunt Janet, but by a child who need to be a child and stop trying to be and adult before her time. She will find on day I think her Aunt Janet is the main one who she needs in her life right now. As much as Ms. Katherine loves her granddaughter just the age difference alone tells you that they will never be on the same page when it comes to boys, and I'm sure that if Ms. K. puts her foot down a little harder, she will have the problem with Ms. K that she is having with her Aunt Janet, because she doesn't want to be told anything or be put in her place given the fact that she is only 14 and a child. Her attitude is going to be her downfall. I have always backed Janet when she was trying to take that phone from Paris, because she was putting family issues on Twitter in anger and showing disrespect toward her elders. MJ never taught his children how is disrepect others. Maybe it's because of his death (which I think she is still trying to handle) is the reason she lashes out whether it's to Janet or to people on Twitter. She seems to have so much to complain about these days. It seems that the only thing she didn't learn from MJ was his constant effort to keep the privacy of his family PRIVATE! I'm glad to see that her brother is showing the world that MJ did raise him right. Paris needs to stay 14 as long as she can and stop trusting strangers on Twitter because she will learn the hard way what the public (who are probably jealous of her and her siblings) will do to her and all of her family. If having Michael Jackson as you dad (and I'm sure she probably knows by now how they treated him and even in certain cases totally destroyed his very soul until the day he died, then I don't know what it's going to take!

Posted 3 years 9 months ago by YANNI54

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