Troubled singer Michael Jackson faced more ridicule in America last night (22APR04) after the creators of irreverent cartoon TV series South Park portrayed him as a weird recluse living in Colorado.

The self-styled King of Pop disguises himself with a moustache, calls himself MR JEFFERSON and befriends the children of South Park, luring them back to his home for play sessions and sleepovers.

The hilarious episode of the American series also features his mask-wearing son BLANKET, who is ignored by his dad when the other kids come to play.

The show takes a topical twist when South Park regular KYLE dreams about pal CARTMAN kissing Jackson's character during a sleepover.

And, while local police try to find Jackson's alias - to "frame him" on child molestation charges - the kids of South Park decide to rescue Blanket from the clutches of his weird dad, as the cartoon superstar's surgically-enhanced features start to disintegrate.

The episode, in which the pop star dresses up as ROBIN HOOD and joins the local kids in a singing session from up high in his "wishing tree", ends with a ghoulish, skeletal Jackson accidentally killing unlucky South Park regular KENNY and confronting police on his lawn.

The kids of South Park then prompt Jackson to mend his ways and become more of a father to Blanket and less of a grown man desperately trying to relive his childhood.

The cartoon pop star then agrees to give all his money away to charity, prompting police to give up their case against him because he's no longer a "rich black man".

23/04/2004 03:07