In death, Michael Jackson may have made a bigger comeback than he ever could have in life. That appeared to be evident on Monday as published reports indicated that Sony had signed a deal for rights to his music for recordings, films, TV, stage shows and merchandise that will guarantee his estate as much as $250 million in advances and other payments as well as a top royalty rate for worldwide sales. In an interview with today's (Tuesday) New York Times , John Branca, an attorney representing Jackson's estate, said that the deal "exceeds all previous industry benchmarks." In a separate interview with the Los Angeles Times , Branca disclosed that a second Michael Jackson documentary is in the works, following last year's successful release of This Is It , much of it filmed during rehearsals for what would have been a comeback tour. "The stuff we have in the vaults ... is fascinating and remarkable," Stringer said. "We have a lot of great stuff from around every time period [in Jackson's career]. We're plowing through everything now to understand what we've got."