A teenager who used to share a bed with Michael Jackson claims the singer dyes his eldest son's hair to make him look like onetime child-actor playmate Macaulay Culkin.

AHMAD ELATAB, now 17, says the THRILLER star likes his child pals to have hair resembling that of the HOME ALONE star - and frequently bleaches the locks of his six-year-old son PRINCE MICHAEL - whose features are always masked in public.

Elatab says, "Michael bleaches Prince's hair. He prefers Prince blond - like Macaulay Culkin."

However, New Jersey native Ahmad - who used to share a bed with the 45-year-old singer at his NEVERLAND RANCH in Santa Barbara, California - refuses to believe Jackson could be guilty of the new child molestation allegations against him, because his famous pal "likes women".

He says, "Michael does sleep with kids - but it's only when he's known them for months or even years and they're comfortable round each other. Michael isn't gay. He likes women."

24/11/2003 16:13