The judge presiding over DR. Conrad Murray's upcoming involuntary manslaughter trial has summoned a third panel of potential jurors, because too many candidates hold strong opinions about the case surrounding Michael Jackson's death.
The physician stands accused of administering the powerful dose of anaesthetic Propofol which led to the King of Pop's death in June 2009.
Murray has pleaded not guilty to a charge of involuntary manslaughter and is due to stand trial in May (11), but Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Michael Pastor is still searching for impartial jurors to hear the case and decide on the doctor's fate.
Less than half of the 340 prospective jurors already screened have been cleared for availability, but Judge Pastor insists more options are needed before the final panel of 12 is selected. Only three of the candidates stated they had not heard about Murray's looming trial.
The jury selection process will continue until 4 May (11). Opening statements in the trial will begin on 9 May (11).
During a pre-trial hearing on Wednesday (06Apr11), Murray's defence lawyers suggested Jackson may have committed suicide over the state of his finances.