Troubled superstar Michael Jackson has been dealt a cruel snub by former producer QUINCY JONES - who has turned down Jacko's offer to star in the WE ARE THE FUTURE musical extravaganza.

Stars including Jay-Z, Norah Jones, Josh Groban, Sting and Herbie Hancock are all on the bill for the gig, which will take place in Rome on 16 May (04) - but, on Jones' insistence, Jackson will not be joining them.

An insider tells PAGE, "Michael Jackson desperately wants to be a part of this concert, he has contacted Quincy, but Quincy turned him down.

"Michael wants to do the concert because it would help his image right now, but because of the molestation charges, Quincy isn't interested."

Jackson was particularly aggrieved that Jones - who helped Jackson launch his solo career - turned him down as he was the one who got him involved in the event 10 years before.

Quincy is currently in talks with several American TV networks to broadcast the gig - which will feature 2,000 children between the ages of 5 and 8 - and will be seen all over the world.

31/03/2004 21:08